Do you overlook your own natural beauty? Do you find yourself avoiding having your portrait taken? Do you feel the constraint of your every day life has removed your perseverance to feel confident? You DESERVE to indulge in yourself! You are continually surrounded by to-do lists, endless responsibilities, the weight of day-to-day activities, among other tedious, and tiresome tasks. You see a shadow of your former self in your very own mirror, an indistinguishable appearance.. This thought in its entirety is perplexing!

Imagine yourself surrounded with the aroma of hairspray, & the low humming tranquil sound of a warm blow dryer, a makeup station, complete with a swirling chair, and a plethora of makeup awaiting  you. The makeup artist brushes the finest of powders onto your face, soft, rich pigmented eyeliners, and eyeshadows, pseudo eye lashes are applied creating eyelashes any woman would envy. Lipstick placed strategically on your lips, constructing a lavishing pout. Your hair is styled with attention to volume, every strand is placed into pure perfection.

I am Tosha Blackburn. 27 years old, married to my best friend, and a mother to a sassy little diva. Avid handbag collector, a makeup junkie, huge fan of flip flops, and juicy couture. Anti-laundry (aren't we all?!), My commitment to you is that you will emerge from this leisurely experience, as an invigorated, brand new exquisite individual . Ultimately clients invest between $1000, to $3999, designing exclusive portraiture assortments distinctive to their home, I use state of the art equipment producing rare artwork arranged solely for each individual client's needs. 

If you are ready to recognize yourself again, then schedule your consultation today by contacting me at

The wardrobe examples above, are wardrobe pieces that are used as a guideline. You DO NOT have to bring EXACT pieces such as above.